Favorite domain

Users have the possibility to select a domain name as their favorite one. If you are a developer and want to integrate SNS to your DApp it's recommended to always use the favorite domain name to replace the user's public key.

Get Multiple Favorites

To retrieve favorite domains for a group of up to 100 users, we've created the getMultipleFavoriteDomains function in our JavaScript SDK. This function is optimized for network efficiency, making only four RPC calls, three of which are executed in parallel. The function returns a promise that resolves to an array of strings or undefined representing the favorite domain, or lack thereof for each wallet passed to the function.

import { getMultipleFavoriteDomains } from "@bonfida/spl-name-service";

const wallets = [
  new PublicKey("3ogYncmMM5CmytsGCqKHydmXmKUZ6sGWvizkzqwT7zb1"),
  new PublicKey("FMmaHPDL47V1gXsfh9WjgAT7Er3dfDvarQubTU1Jxc1r"),
  // Public Keys of all the wallet addresses you're looking up a favorite domain for (up to 100)

const favoriteDomains = await getMultipleFavoriteDomains(connection, wallets);

Get Single Favorite

The favorite domain name of a single user can be retrieved with the code below.

import { getFavoriteDomain } from "@bonfida/spl-name-service";

// ...

const { domain, reverse } = await getFavoriteDomain(connection, user);

getFavoriteDomain returns the following:

  • domain: The public key of the favorite domain name
  • reverse: The reverse look up of the account

For instance for FidaeBkZkvDqi1GXNEwB8uWmj9Ngx2HXSS5nyGRuVFcZ:

  • domain = Crf8hzfthWGbGbLTVCiqRqV5MVnbpHB1L9KQMd6gsinb
  • reverse = bonfida

Get All Favorites

To get all favorite domains currently existence, you can use the SNS API endpoint below.

GET /v2/domains/all-favorites

This endpoint returns all favorite domains that have been registered.


No parameters are required for this request.


The response is a JSON object where each key is a wallet public key and the value is an object containing the following properties:

  • domain: The favorite domain name associated with the public key.
  • owner: The public key of the owner of the domain.
  • domain_key: The key associated with the domain.

Example response:

  "5J9BeWAZGekH71Huiro2qW6AJXSeBj7zPsHniKkmjToY": {
    "domain": "hansolana",
    "owner": "5J9BeWAZGekH71Huiro2qW6AJXSeBj7zPsHniKkmjToY",
    "domain_key": "7mNYJ8UL8YV7dpPjCREXgUaoyyULmmZxxo1raT4w9kKS"


This endpoint is cached and may lag behind the blockchain by a few minutes. For mission-critical resolution, it is recommended not to use this endpoint and instead use the blockchain directly. However, for simple UI applications, this endpoint is perfectly suitable.