Resolving Twitter handles

The Solana name service supports the registration of Twitter handles, allowing users to connect their Twitter profile to their wallet.

Direct look up

To find the Twitter handle associated to a public key

import { getHandleAndRegistryKey } from "@bonfida/spl-name-service";

const pubkey = new PublicKey("FidaeBkZkvDqi1GXNEwB8uWmj9Ngx2HXSS5nyGRuVFcZ");

const [handle] = await getHandleAndRegistryKey(connection, pubkey);

Reverse look up

To find the public key associated to a Twitter handle

import { getTwitterRegistry } from "@bonfida/spl-name-service";

const handle = "bonfida";

const registry = await getTwitterRegistry(connection, handle);
const owner = registry.owner.toBase58();