Listing Details

This endpoint can be used to retrieve the listing details of a specific domain. The response is a JSON object with the below structure if the domain is listed, or null if the domain is not.

dStringThe domain name
pFloat (f32)The price of the domain
qStringThe token mint of the listing
aEnum (u8)The availability ID (see PlatformEnum definition)
lEnum (u8)Language code (see definition below)
upFloat (f32)The price in USD
eBooleanIndicates if the domain has an emoji
rBooleanIndicates if the domain is rare
doBooleanIndicates if the domain contains digits only
loBooleanIndicates if the domain contains letters only
leIntegerThe length of the domain name
fpBooleanIndicates if the listing is a fixed price offer
meBooleanIndicates if the domain is listed on Magic Eden
paBooleanIndicates if the domain is a palindrome
caArray (Vec<String>)A list of categories the domain belongs to


GET /v2/listings/listing/{domain}


  "d": "bonfida.sol",
  "p": 100.0,
  "q": "USDC",
  "a": 2,
  "l": 0,
  "up": 100.0,
  "e": false,
  "r": true,
  "do": false,
  "lo": true,
  "le": 7,
  "fp": true,
  "me": false,
  "pa": false,
  "ca": []
fn main() {
pub enum Language {
    English = 0,
    Cyrillic = 1,
    Chinese = 2,
    Japanese = 3,
    Emoji = 4,
    Unauthorized = 5,
    Korean = 6,
    Arabic = 7,